Thursday, January 15, 2009

Every Joke is Half Truth

Apparently I have angered the Tylenol gods.

I made the mistake of suggesting that everyone I know buy stock in Infant Tylenol for a certain Baby Girl who is in the process of cutting not one or two but EIGHT teeth at warp speed. This will bring her pearly white count up to 16 total, and no one will be happier than her drool-covered momma when it is finished.

However, my oh-so-funny joke has come back around to bite me in the, well, you know.

Making such a bold assumption that Tylenol is only good for teeth will get you nothing but a big fat virus with bonus fever for the aforementioned baby, which, incidentally, needs Tylenol.

In large quantities.

Unless you want to carry around 24-and-a-half pounds of crabby, drooling, lethargic baby until your arms ache and burn like the last time ( somewhere in the late 80s) you worked them out that hard.

Not me. So this afternoon, to appease the Tylenol gods, I'm loving me all the many uses for their magic purple (purple is a flavor) sugar syrup.


Nuts in a Tree said...

lol, I know it's not funny when you are experiencing it and not fun for your little one, but it's really funny when I read it. Just remember to rotate arms or you will have one totally fit arm and one mommy arm! Hugs and healing prayers for you all. :)


Michelle said...

Sounds like your little one is either an overachiever to the max (said with tongue in cheek) or doing a lot of catching up. Lol

What about using motrin to help with swelling as well as pain and it doesn't have to be given quite as often.