Friday, September 18, 2009

Five In A Row

Do you use the Five in A Row series in your homeschool?

We haven't actually used this series ourselves, but the books present a novel (no pun intended) literature-based curriculum that can be used with children who are simply pre-3Rs. I do, however, love their book list and refer to it regularly when planning my studies--even for a story time which includes my older children.

No one--and I mean no one--is ever too old for a good book.

But I digress.

There are a few families in our midst who are anxious to begin homeschooling their little ones. Many of them want advice. As it just so happens, the authors of the Five in A Row series have summed up nicely my thoughts on educating preschool children (and this absolutely applies whether your preschooler will be educated at home or in a traditional classroom setting.) Head on over and read this or one of their other interesting articles. Trust me, your preschooler will thank you.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jane! Have fun with the Rooneys and Lizardo this week!