Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Absolutely Advent!

I wanted to let you all know about a resource we're going to be using this Advent for our children. It's called Absolutely Advent and is published by Pflaum Publishing. We use a very short devotions booklet for each day of the year called Living Faith for Kids(which we also love!), but this is a little different. It is a chance for the children to make their own personal journey through the Advent season. In addition to focusing specifically on the gospel reading for the day, there is an age appropriate activity for children to complete on their own. We used their Totally Lent! books last year and were very satisfied with it. If anyone is interested in ordering these for their children (homeschooled or not), let me know. I don't profit from the sale of these books personally, but we all profit (through a group discount rate) the more people who order. You can check out Absolutely Advent here.
My goal would be to place an order by the end of October, so let me know by then if you are interested.

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Sarah said...

This looks good! I will check it out.