Friday, September 04, 2009

First Homeschool Mass

We usually begin our school day at 8am.

So, naturally, I usually begin waking up my children/students around 7am.

Why then was this morning's wake-up call so very rough?

No kidding it was...rough.

Every body had a bed (or two) strewn across it. Rumpled sheets across cherubic looking faces. Warm and cozy bodies snuggled tightly into their beds. When I arrived a mere 15 minutes early to gently rouse my troops for our parish's first-ever homeschool Mass (isn't that cool?) where Beulah and Hannah would do both the reading and responsorial psalm, did eager faces meet my "Good Morning"!

In a word, no. Although, in their defense, I will say that Beulah and Hannah were already awake when I peeked in their room this morning. Candace and Naomi, however, were not. It took all sorts of cajoling and lofty promises of food and drink from a wonderful place that rhymes with Danera to elicit even a slight rapid-eye movement.

I knew I would need to bring out the big guns.

"Girls," I whispered as I gently rubbed their heads, "do you want to go down and watch a kid's show before we go? You can bring your blankets with you?"

A grin appeared on Candace's face and without opening her eyes she mumbled back, "Can we bring the bed?"

Suffice to say, we made it to Mass on time. And my girls, both of my girls, did a marvelous job with their readings.


darci said...

so cute! "can we bring the bed"..oh some days how i wish i could...

Anonymous said...

glad you're back up and running! and glad it went well!

have a great weekend!