Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Holy Spirit, The Radio and Catholics Returning Home

I had approximately 9.3 minutes in the car alone this morning.

My alone time was sponsored by a drop-off of a "sample" for Baby Girl at the lab. Lovely thought, huh?

Anyway, I've been taking my alone time in the car either in complete silence (a novelty!) or in prayer (a blessing!) or listening to Relevant Radio without distraction (ditto BOTH above!)

Tuning the dial to 930 AM, I was able to catch just one complete segment before my garage door lifted and little faces peeked out the door to welcome me back. (It wasn't even ten minutes, people!) And when the speaker gave the web address for the organization he represented, I think the Holy Spirit might have smacked me. At least that's what it felt like. I was met with an overwhelming thought to make sure I shared this site here today.

So, I'm sharing it.


I don't know why.

But maybe one of you visiting here today does.

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