Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Faith and Investing

Did anyone catch Phil Lenahan of Veritas Financial Ministries on Relevant Radio last week during Morning Air? A woman nearing retirement called in and posed a very interesting question. She asked:
Given the volatility of today's stock market, was the timing right to transfer her assets from her various 401K plans to a more stable mutual fund--and specifically, to one of the Catholic funds (such as Ave Maria or Epiphany).

One of the main reasons I like listening to Phil Lenahan is that he gives good, solid financial advice tempered by his understanding of the Catholic faith. And his answer to the woman's question pointed her to an article that he asked the good folks at Catholic Answers to write.

I had never heard of either of those funds before. An important point he made before the call ended was that funds will not necessarily perform any worse or better whether or not they are following Catholic Christian principals.

So, armed with that knowledge, I wonder how successful these funds are compared to traditional, secular funds?

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Laura said...

If you find out anymore on this, I hope you will post about it.