Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve Traditions

There's been a lot of talk over at Faith and Family Live! about how people celebrate the New Year holiday. Anyone who's spent time aboard the Ark on New Year's Eve knows that we usually go all out with parties, games, food and friends. This year, our celebration has been scaled back about as far as it can go. We'll still be celebrating, but this year it will just be the nine of us. (We are our own party in some books, I suppose) We're still planning to do a few of our favorite traditions from the previous years' parties, though. One of my favorites is the Ten Year Predictions we all fill out. They are fun to read that night, but even more fun to read a few years later! Here is our list of questions:

Ten Year Predictions

1. In ten years, I will be _______________ years old.

2. In ten years, I will be living in __________________________________.

3. In ten years, my job will be ____________________________________.

4. In ten years, the people in my family will be



5. In ten years, I will _______________________________________ for fun.

6. In ten years, I will drive a _______________________________________.

7. In ten years, the president will be _________________________________.

8. In ten years, the newest invention will be ____________________________.

9. The best thing about being 10 years older will be


10. The worst thing about being 10 years older will be


*BONUS* What will your mom and dad be doing in ten years???

(Yes---Mom and Dad, make sure you fill one out. We're all interested what you'll be doing---or more precisely where you'll be doing it--- in ten years!)


Anonymous said...

hey mom i am expecting a sports car when i am 20 okay and basket ball b man will be president

Anonymous said...

you and dad will probaly have 5 kids at home still because us older kids are going to be in our 20s

Anonymous said...

we missed celebrating with you this year!
i pray we all have a good 2009!