Thursday, December 04, 2008

Holiday Public Service Announcement

I wouldn't want you to think I've lost my perspective on what's really important this Christmas season, but this one couldn't go untouched. I made sure to go straight to the source when I received (several) emails telling me that my beloved Talbots stores were ALL going out of business.

I made fast work of making sure this rumor was just that when I saw such blasphemy! You can read about it on their website...and it looks like it may not be true for the others stores as well.

It's all well and good until somebody starts trashing Talbots.


Anonymous said...

From one Talbots Momma to another- THANKS! I don't know where I would have shopped!

Kathy Fitz

Alice Gunther said...

Phew, you scared me for a second there! So glad to read it wasn't true! :)

Ericka said...


There's SO many stores closing right now. It's so weird and so SAD.

I remember when I worked full time that Talbots was THE place to shop for work clothes.

How are the 'streppies' feeling???


Anonymous said...

Oh boy!!! My heart rate is just now returning to a normal rate... I checked to see if Talbots was on the "list" too and was relieved to find the Red Door will remain open!!!