Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Did ya watch?

So, did you? I was at our Women's Bible Study yesterday so I missed the first part, but the older crowd here on the ark all gathered around with bowls of popcorn to watch American Idol in their first "Idol Gives Back" special. We had been looking forward to this since it was announced earlier in the season. As you might have guessed, the focus on Africa was (and is) a big draw for our family. As defacto ark spokesperson, I must say we weren't disappointed--although I wish the African Children's Choir had been their own act not just a very cute and talented group of background singers. The caliber of music and talent were fabulous and the footage from the "on location" spots were moving and poignant, to say the least. As a matter of fact, there were two occasions when we switched over to the Sox game (a much more disappointing show if I do say so myself) because of the sheer emotion that the cameras managed to capture and we felt might be too difficult for H to handle (remember this is the same child who was distraught by the Little House on the Prairie episode where the grandmother died) I think some things just hit too close to home for her. Even still, we really enjoyed tonight's show. And how cool was it that Bono showed up to work with the six finalists, huh? That's something I'm sure they won't soon forget. By the last count, they had raised 30 million dollars already and donations were still being accepted.
Let's hope that many, many more people heard Bono's words to the finalists about the ability of every single person watching to save a life tonight. And that they heard him say this, ""People say you can't be the generation that ends brutal, stupid poverty, but we can and we will,"
Really, really...let's hope.


Julie Cooper said...

It was a good show, I thought, too! I didn't see Tuesday night's show either, but I did see Wednesday's. I just wish somebody would have told Paula Abdul that this was a charity event watched by millions of children on prime time and not a late-night party at the Playboy mansion.

patjrsmom said...

Hi Julie,
You are so funny. I can't believe I forgot to mention Paula's attire from the show. I certainly mentioned it when we were watching (Me: "So, it seems as though Paula forgot to put her shirt on tonight." Brigid: "Mom! Don't you think we shouldn't even talk about that?!) Maybe she thought she'd bring in more donations that way!!!;-)