Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Couldn't it just be boils or frogs?

But, nooooo...instead we have this pestilence to contend with. These lovely crunchy-skinned critters coming to a neighborhood near us any day now. You'll pardon me if I take a 2 week hiatus from the world outside the cicada-free zone that is my house when they actually arrive.
And as for those college students who discerned the amaretto likeness? Or those who required snow shovels for carcass removal? Yucky just seems an understatement.

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HAH, Hailee was three when they came around our town. Someone had to show her how to pick one up correctly and the next two weeks she was obsessed. We drove to where they were pretty much infested and she was in cicada heaven. She put them in her bug box and played catch and release for days! A restaurant in the city even started serving them as a delicacy! EWWWW! Some even covered them in chocolate! GOOD LUCK;o)