Friday, October 03, 2008

Post-Rant Adjustment

Thanks for all of your nice comments, emails and phone calls---and dinners from equally rant-worthy folks. How blessed I am and how much God has already (and continues to) provide for me.
We are coping with an additional pneumonia diagnosis courtesy of the chest x-ray. We have both of our specialist appointments scheduled over the next two weeks. And we'll be making a return trip for bloodwork on Monday. Even the stool sampling is coming along nicely. (How could I not keep you all fully informed? ;-))
I do have a deadline later today, but perhaps I'll be able to sneak back on and share some of the more humorous and touching adjustment stories later today.

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Michelle said...

Jane, oh the poor dear. Pneumonia too? Thank God she's getting the care she needs. Continuing to pray for you all.