Friday, October 24, 2008

New Hero

Driving back from my favorite corner store, Naomi, Mr. T and I were singing along to our Patriotic American songs cd when we found ourselves stopped at a red light. Sitting in the left turn lane, I watched as the cars to my right streamed past making their turns on red. I noticed, perhaps out of some paranoid sense, that the drivers all seemed to be staring at our vehicle and then trying to peer through the window. Finally, my fears were realized when a middle-agish sort of man in an SUV like mine motioned wildly for me to roll down my window. Dumbstruck, I rolled it down.

"Did you know you have a box of chalk on your bumper?" he inquired.

Of course I do, I wanted to reply, I have seven children.

But instead, I politely answered, "Oh no! I had no idea. Hopefully, I'll make it back home without losing it."

This good Samaritan took a brief look up at the still red light and slipped his car into park before jumping out and rescuing the runaway chalk box on my bumper. He proudly handed it to me through the open window, hopped back in his car and drove away.

Look out, Bagger Guy! I think you've been replaced.


darci said...

that is SO funny! we drove to the city and back (30 min) with two children's book on our van roof..I guess they got stuck there bc they lasted! teehee..a true hero indeed. :)

Anonymous said...

this made me laugh Jane..