Saturday, October 11, 2008

Adoption By The Numbers

1 baby it took to completely turn the Ark on its ear.
2 infected ears Baby Girl has.
3 calls from the nurse trying to decipher her shot record dates written using the Ethiopian calendar. "What do you mean it's just beginning 2001 in Ethiopia? They have how many months each year?"
4 feet distance champion in the projectile vomiting category.
5 trips to the doctor.
6 older siblings at her beck and call.
7 children on the Ark...and the biblical number for completion or spiritual perfection. Who knew?
8 prescriptions filled.
9 sticks for the blood draw...and still one more tube to collect. Sigh.
10 wonderful days that The Captain worked from home during.
11 extra loads of baby laundry
12 hours of sleep each night...for her-not for me!
13 months old according to the paperwork.
14 days happier and more complete than we were two weeks ago!


Eileen said...

This is very cute! It sounds like you are adjusting well -- to some real craziness!

But the thing that really made me chuckle as I read this, is how much it sounds like ... Yoda!!

Glad to see you're still around, despite your declared hiatus. You remain one of my favorite blogging people, and I'd hate to see life get so tough you decided to back off altogether!!!


julie said...

Aw, that was very cute!


Cath said...

Beautiful. And I thought I already knew how to count!

Paige said...

It really brings home how sick that little girl has been. Hopefully things will get under control soon. And your new "normal" will be right on it's way!