Saturday, August 04, 2007

One More Soul

Have you followed the Duggar family on their journey? In case you've missed their numerous Discovery Channel based specials, you can check the listings to see when the various shows they've filmed will air again. You can also read about a NEW special coming in September, which will introduce the newest member of the Duggar family--#17-- Jennifer Danielle, born a few days ago on August 2nd.
As people often stare in shock when the ark members roll through, this family leaves me standing slack-jawed. It's all in the perspective. And being open to what God calls you to do. It is most certainly NOT what this misinformed and hard-hearted lost soul wrote about the family. I'll bet that the article's author doesn't realize who some of those post 2.5 kids are:
  • St. Catherine of Siena (#25), Dominican tertiary and Doctor of the Church, worked to heal the Great Western Schism
  • Harriet Beecher Stowe (#7 of 11), author of Uncle Tom's Cabin, first major American novel with an African-American hero, activist for abolitionist cause
  • Stephen Colbert (#11), American humorist known for political satire and commentary
  • The Gilbreth Children (#1-12), the original "Cheaper By The Dozen" family, all of whom graduated college, 5 of the 6 brothers (the 6th ineligible due to health reasons) served in the Second World War protecting democracy and freedom (even of the speech of rogue, ax-to-grind columnists)
  • Thomas Jefferson (#3 of 8), third president of the United States, principal author of the Declaration of Independence, insistence that the Bill of Rights, consisting of the first ten amendments, was adopted (Note to writer: reread section on Bill of Rights)
  • John F. Kennedy (#2 of 9), thirty-fifth president of the United States, proposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, created the Peace Corps, defused Cuban Missile Crisis

(Ed. Note: I'm sure I'm missing many people, who would be well suited for a list such as this one. If you know anyone else, leave a note in the comments section below and I'll add it!)

Where is that arbitrary "how many kids is too many?" line drawn and who gets to decide when it's been crossed? Oh yeah, the official line draw-er of all time would be the original line-drawer--God. I'm sure He's aware of those on the wrong side of it. And last I checked, it was up to Him alone to sit in judgement, not us. It's kind of His job, anyway, although I'm sure He's terribly interested in feedback from this writer about how His job performance rates. Fortunately for the writer, his own mother was open to the life God gave her; giving him the opportunity to brutally ridicule the choices made by those who believe differently than him.


Anonymous said...

The last show that I saw the Duggar's had just had #16!!! Wow! I can't wait to see the new baby. I love their enormous house! Hey, if you guys have 11 more kids will put a slide inside your house too??

Anonymous said...

That article was just hideous! Obviously the man that wrote it does not know the Lord. For that I am saddened for him. With all of the really EVIL people out there why would he choose to write an article about a family who is so clearly filled with love? I don't understand what his point was. Did he think it was cool to rip on the Duggars and make all of their positive lifestyle choices look freakish?

On another note I have to say that sometimes I feel the opposite criticism for "ONLY" having 1 child. Why do people think that if you "ONLY" have 1 child you are not REALLY a parent? I might not always be the mother of just one, but while I am I do not like being made to feel like I am any less of a mother because of it.

Here's the bottom line, people need to spend less time breaking down the body of Christ by talking about one another and spend more time building it up by helping one another and doing things for and with one another. *That was part of the message at church a few weeks ago I can't take credit for writing that!!!*

Sr. P.

Becky said...

I love this! The family is a beautiful family but the media loves to portray them as some kind of hillbillies who don't take care of their kids. I say if you are a good parent, please have (birth and adopt) as many as you can raise!

patjrsmom said...


We are only putting in a slide if Discovery channel is coming and footing the bill for it. ;-) You know my older kids who read this blog are (as you read this) figuring out how to contact Discovery Channel!


patjrsmom said...

Sr. P,

I can completely relate to what you are saying. Not necessarily about number of children (although I was the mother of the one, the only, The Boy at one time) but about lots of things in general. Why waste any amount of energy on tearing things down when we can be building things up??? You've given me some more to think about...And I've still got some items on the drafting board waiting...

God loves EACH and EVERY one of us, in all our uniqueness, so very much; and hopefully, some of the stories shared from the ark show how we are all much more alike than we are different.

patjrsmom said...

Right on, Becky!