Friday, August 03, 2007

Like mother, like daughter

The big news on the ark as of last night has to do with the impending football season. The Boy will be playing 7th grade football for his school beginning in a few weeks. He's beside himself with excitement and so is the Captain, who played a little bit of football himself back in the day. To say he's excited is actually an understatement. For example, after the orientation meeting last night, he promptly came in and proceeded to model the brand new helmet, pads and jersey (with his name emblazoned across the back) for us. There was also much to do about the coach, who is apparently a well-known former NFL player, Kurt Becker, who also has a son in junior high at the school.

So this morning, B decided to catch up on the football meeting by reading the handouts left strewn on the kitchen counter.

B: Mom! Did you see this?

Me: See what?

B: The Boy only has ONE coach.

Me: (speaking in my newly acquired second language of footballese) Yes, but that's only for the position he plays; AND his coach played football for the Bears when he was younger. He's played against all sorts of professional teams...

B: Oh, (narrowing her eyes and regarding the paper again) then I guess he might know what he's doing.

I could hear her muttering to herself as she walked away, "One coach...all those boys...I just don't know."

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