Monday, August 20, 2007

Guest blogger!

I'm still working on the camera shy boy from this post, but I have a few other very willing participants in the ark expose. Here's B with her take on life on the ark---

Well it's very and I mean very noisy. Especially on car trips!
A good one is that you do a lot of jobs( not). You have to play with the baby's a lot.
I have to do the dishwasher this week. Did my mom tell you we have cards?
We have goods times and bad times. but we have a lot of fun on the ark.
So I think the ark is fun! how about you? You can think about it.
We'll what do you think about being on the ark? I will have a lot of good memorys from the ark!
You will to from reading it. We'll that's all bye!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your post on the blog today!!! I'm glad that you have fun on the ark. I know that you have a birthday coming up and I wish that I could be on the ark for the festivities. Make sure you post lots of photos of your birthday party.
Auntie Katie

brigid said...

thank you I appreciate that.Yes I do have a birthday too! yes I'll take pictures at my birthday party it will be fun. and I have to start school tomorrow and my birthday tomorrow that's all I 'll have fun on my birthday party.


Faith said...

Hi B! I love to visit the ark and I can vouch that it can be pretty noisy, but I am sure if it were quiet, it would be deafening as well. I am looking forward to seeing you at Halloween so we can carve some more pumpkins!

Aunite F.

brigid said...

well thanks