Friday, February 02, 2007

Groundhog's Prediction

We're not sure about that guy in Punxsatawney, PA... but around here, the groundhogs (it is the ark after all-it goes without saying that there MUST have to be TWO of them!) have been out and about with a vengence. Seems as if no one saw their shadow (or at least wasn't frightened by it). Either way, with the temps this weekend predicted to fall into the single digits for the HIGH temperatures,
I'd say the groundhogs on the ark are ready for spring!

-------- Groundhog CB -----------------

-----------------------------------------------------------------------Groundhog N------------------


Avery said...

there can be only one phil!!!!

(btw: don't ever go, it's so NOT a family affair, it's basically an really weird affair of politicians and drunk college kids, but it's so not family friendly it's not funny

patjrsmom said...

Is nothing sacred? I mean if one can't go to the quintessential American Groundhog Day festivities for fear of inappropriate and un-family friendly behavior, where can one go? Cross that one off the to do list and thanks for the heads up, Avery!