Friday, February 09, 2007

5 + 1 = 8!!!

Nope, this is not *new* math. Nor have I lost my mind (although I realize that point is up for debate). This is the antibiotic equation for the people in our house.

Right now, there are five people in our house on antibiotics, with three confirmed cases of strep throat. The other two are suspected and treated as such. (See, even the doctor's office doesn't want my germ-carrying crew to stop by for a visit!) So, if you stop by and peek in the fridge for a cold drink, be forewarned your local pharmacist probably has less amoxicillin on hand than I do.

And, if you like logic puzzles, we've created one from the medication schedule we're operating on-ready? Here goes...

There are two bottles of pink amoxicillin with 250 mg/ml inside.
There is one bottle of keflex.
There are four small bottles of pink amoxicillin with 100 mg/ml inside.
N and Baby T have separate manufacturers for their meds so they should not be mixed-up.
CB is allergic to penicillin and CANNOT take anyone else's medicine.
All of the girls except H are on antibiotics (I'm sure that H's immune system laughs in the face of such things as strep!)
Everyone is on a ten day course. (Note: this is rather superfluous, but it is a reminder to me of when we're finished!)
Oh and did I mention, one of the adults in the house is on amoxicillin pills.

One large sharpie marker later, everyone's medicine is marked and the dosing can begin. If I could only figure out where to put the milk?!
Any guesses?

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5KidMom said...

Oh Man!!! No fun! 8^(

I hope everyone gets to feeling better quickly.