Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Finding God

Over the weekend of H and Baby T's Baptism, we decided it would make the most sense to go to the Saturday vigil Mass rather than try to get everyone (remember there were 11 people in the house that weekend) ready for the Baptism AND for Mass at 11am on Sunday morning. So, after a meeting of the logistics team, we decided to split into two groups-one would go to the vigil to the church in our town and one would go at 7am Mass on Sunday morning at our church where the kids attend school. It just so happens that the church in town is fairly new, quite spacious but usually pretty crowded (at least the handful of times we've gone). As we walked in, it seemed like a good idea to duck into the 'Children's Chapel'; a large room with multiple pews, a large floor to ceiling window looking out on the rest of the congregation, and a speaker system, which was either had the volume turned way down...or the children in our little chapel had their volume turned way up...but that's a story for another entry.
Needless to say, we sat in the very first pew, where N made herself quickly comfortable on the floor in front of the window and in full view of everyone on the other side of the glass. While she did sit pretty well (even by 2 year old standards) for the majority of the Mass, at one point, she very loudly went from one adult to the next with a deep theological question.

N: (to Grandpa) Where is God?

G: He's everywhere.

N: (to Auntie F) Where is God?

Auntie F: (shrugged her shoulders) and looked at me.

N: (getting frustrated with the adult's lack of enlightenment turned to me and said) WHERE.IS.GOD?

Me: (giving a great motherly answer) Shhhh...you're in church.

She settled herself back down on the floor and seemed to be quietly pondering our ineptitude when she suddenly stood up and pointed, while she proclaimed, "Mamma, look! There God is!" I looked up just in time to see the tail of the pastor's vestments breeze past the window.

Our kids have such a concrete, tangible understanding of our intangible God, while we as adults struggle to explain who, let alone where, He is. While the adults weren't even looking, God walked by and we almost missed Him, had it not been for a two-year old's insistence that He was there somewhere if she just kept on looking. If it were only that easy, I thought. Then again, maybe it is.

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5KidMom said...

I'm so glad you at least got to catch a glimpse. Good thing N was watching!