Friday, June 26, 2009

Pleasing the Godmother

There is no previous post which specifically describes The Boy's aversion to the camera. Or at least to pictures on the camera that wind up on mom's blog.

But because it's for his sweet godmother, I absolutely must break with the moratorium on Boy pictures on the blog to share at least a couple of graduation night ones...which reminds my lame blogging self--I still have Easter pictures to share!

Is it The Boy? No, it's Beulah, practicing her graduation pose. You never can be too prepared.

Here comes Naomi getting into the act. You would never have known that the mortarboard in question was soaking wet from the deluge that hit as we exited the church. (You would, however, have known if you had gotten a look at the drowned rat who masqueraded as photographer.)

Get a load of Candace's hair. Picture the pouring rain...seriously, picture it. But look at the grin on that face. Not even a little monsoon could bring the arklings down!

(Can you see the slice of pizza on the counter? That would be The Boy's after dinner-dinner. Why did no one tell me that my once 8 pound baby Boy would eat his weight in pizza as a teenager?)

He even tied his own tie. We're just so proud!


Sarah said...

That's awesome. I love it when it rains when we're all dressed up. Not! I really enjoyed these pictures.

Becky said...

So sweet...and the "boy" looks so grown up...I'd have thought you meant high school graduation!

Anonymous said...

Tell him that I appreciate it greatly and won't ask for any additional photos until his junior prom!!!
Happy Godmother