Saturday, June 27, 2009

Guarding Their Hearts

Have you ever visited the Catholic Dads blog?

You haven't?

You should.

Why have I visited there, you're wondering? Clearly, all these years (you've been thinking to yourself) the Ark blog had a womanly touch. And you've been right. So, obviously, I couldn't possibly be a Catholic Dad.

Oh, but the wisdom of these faithful fathers is too good and too pure to be hidden under a bushel. I visit often and you should too.

This post written about the recent scandal of South Carolina governor Mark Sanford is a cautionary tale that shouldn't be missed.

Wives, don't forget to pray for the protection of your husband's hearts. They need our steadfast prayers each and every day. And offer a special intention for the governor and his family. They sure need it, too.

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