Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Free Divine Mercy Materials

Prior to Lent this year, I was mulling about with ideas for enhancing our daily prayer life aboard the Ark. There were a few prayers I really loved, but had not committed to memory. We have a pretty solid weekly scripture memorization routine, but I was hoping to add to it.

The Divine Mercy is such a powerful prayer with such amazing promises
, it seemed a perfect fit for us. Plus, the girls (even the little ones) love the tactile sense of smooth rosary beads between their fingers. And even the smallest ones can stay attentive during this much-briefer-than-the-rosary prayer.

And, since we are often on the go during the apres-school hours, it is a blessing (and a convenience!) that Relevant Radio prays the Divine Mercy every day at 3pm! We are gearing up to begin the Divine Mercy Novena this Friday and I was thrilled to hear that Relevant Radio was giving away a FREE packet of information to help people countdown to Easter and to Divine Mercy Sunday.

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Sarah (JOT) said...

I'll be participating in the DM novena. I'm part of the cenacle where we live. On DM Sunday I'll be installed as a DM Apostle. This means, I can be a facilitator at some point and it means I'm committed to spreading the message of DM. Very exciting times!