Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It finally happened

July 14, 2007 my *little* brother and his girlfriend became Mr. and Mrs. my *little* brother. The ceremony was beautiful as they were surrounded by their family and friends who witnessed their vows. Well, surrounded by most of their family anyway; a 15 month-old, who shall remain nameless, decided to practice his opera audition just prior to the start of the nuptials and, in turn, joined his Daddy a floor below to wait for the instant replay.

Back upstairs, the nieces (and the non-screeching nephew) presented themselves for picture taking.

But, you didn't read this far to see pictures of all those people...The two that you stopped by to see are right here, looking charming as ever.

The picture just does not do the two of them justice. They both looked wonderful and so very happy. The wedding reception continued until late into the evening and was attended by a small group of family and friends. My aunts and uncles and some of my cousins made the drive North from CT and NJ to share in their day. It was a great chance for us to see them, some of them for the first time in over a year. It was also a treat to meet the friend (and blog reader) of my newly-minted sister-in-law and her husband. It's a funny thing to meet someone for the first time who already knows your family's quirks and the cast of characters just from regular blog reading. Before the ceremony was over, each of the fathers of the bride and groom offered their best wishes with a blessing and a toast. My dad read a beautiful Irish wedding blessing, which I'd never heard before and I'll leave you with today:

May your mornings bring joy and your evenings bring peace. May your troubles grow few as your blessings increase. May the saddest day of your future Be no worse than the happiest day of your past. May your hands be forever clasped in friendship And your hearts joined forever in love. Your lives are very special, God has touched you in many ways. May his blessings rest upon you And fill all your coming days.


GTI Sticker Quest said...

Thank You Jane :) I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and the entire Ark as well! For everyone out there who has never met this family in person please know that photos and commentary on this blog just crack the shell of doing them justice - they are a very beautiful and loving family, each and every one! Meeting everyone was SUCH a treat :) I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation and look forward to another meeting the next time you are in the East! I'll keep reading your blog so you keep on posting :) With Love To All!
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patjrsmom said...

Hi Carrie,

I'd love to put a link up for your blog. What a clever idea! I also left you a note about another sticker that we might add to your collection...Thank you for your nice words--I recommend reserving judgement on us until you've actually had to travel with us cross country--although maybe it would be better if you just keep on thinking we're a nice, normal family! ;-)


Anonymous said...

I'll give you nice, but normal??? I loved the pictures of the wedding so far. Please post or send more. I'm glad that you got to see Pettey. I wish that we could have seen you too. Hopefully we won't be away during next year's back east tour.

patjrsmom said...

We drove right past the Watertown exit on 84. It was such a temptation to just get off the exit and start randomly asking people where you all live. It would have been great to see you. I know there are more pictures out there and the Boy has some video that he's going to upload for me to post on here. Keep checking back-it'll be up soon!