Monday, July 23, 2007

And speaking of travel...

We've got lots of stories and pictures and more stories. We spent the better part of 10 days on the road or mooching off of enjoying the hospitality of friends and family alike across two time zones.

While the children sat angelic and well-mannered (ahem) throughout the entire trip...

I passed my time in the front seat enjoying the scenery.

H learned one "ark" trip rule very quickly-it is not worth repeatedly asking if we are still in Pennsylvania or how much longer we will be in Pennsylvania or what time it will be when we leave Pennsylvania-because a funny thing happens: the more you ask, the longer Pennsylvania gets. The good news is that eventually she stopped asking and the mind-numbing thrill ride that is I-80 through the entire state of Pennsylvania released us from its clutches and we arrived without incident at all of our arranged locations:
  • Pizza at Carmela's in NY with the Greens; where we got to meet the newest family member!

  • The SJHS condo in CT; our "price was just right" lodging the night before the wedding

  • Chez Foi in MA; where we stayed during the wedding and received an unexpected visit from Pettey (who made us some oh-so-cute summer purses so our sensible Midwestern handbags didn't bring the East coast fashion scene to a screeching halt)

  • The Moose Drop Inn in NH; where we ran Grandma and Grandpa B ragged with one solid week of ark-inducing fun

I'll get the pictures and some of the stories up later tonight or tomorrow.

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