Thursday, May 07, 2009

Where Were You Last Night?

Were you outside?

Right through the dinner hour?

With six hungry children? (one of whom spied a distant concession stand)

During a rain shower that quickly progressed to a thunderstorm that went all monsoon?

To watch The Boy compete in the All-City Junior High Track Meet?

Only to have the meet delayed BEFORE The Boy competed in any of his events?

While the Captain was out of town on business?

Were you there?

Hopefully, you were somewhere considerably drier.

But the mountain of soggy clothes in our laundry this morning evidence a truth as Mother's Day approaches: We mothers will do almost anything for our babies. Even when they're not such babies anymore.


darci said...

eeewww..that's like watching soccer in snow..which I did..Monday. :)

Anne said...

It is amazing how much these big guys (babies) still need us/want us to witness major things in their lives. I relish the connections that are built and savor them when they are over....


Ericka said...

"We mothers will do almost anything for our babies."