Sunday, February 22, 2009

Are You Willing To Share Your Story?

The Christian walk is not an easy path. We may find ourselves facing trials and tribulations that test us to our very core. But, along the way, as we grow and learn; as we allow God to stretch us into the very specific son or daughter He has created us to be, we may find purpose in our trials. Sometimes we may know the purpose right away, other times not until many years later. And, many times, we may never know the purpose of our sufferings this side of heaven. But there is one thing, as Christians, we can do with our stories: we can share them.

Maybe your story will encourage someone else in a similar situation.
Maybe your story will inspire someone being tested right now.
Maybe your story will comfort someone who feels they will never have peace or joy in their lives again.

But, first, we need to share those stories. Read below about an encouraging new book from Jean at Catholic Fire. We all have a story. Pray about it and ask yourself: is it time to tell yours?

A Great Lenten Project

Are you married? Are you Catholic? Do you have a devotion to the saints? Have you and your spouse or a family member experienced hope and healing as a result of prayer to a saint or saint(s)?

This is your chance to evangelize and it makes for a wonderful Lenten project as well.

I am looking for dramatic conversion stories as well as stories of trials and tribulations (for example, financial difficulties, addictions, the birth of a child with a medical problem) overcome through the intercession of a saint or saints and the grace of God to publish in a new book meant to inspire and encourage married couples.

In order to be published:

Your story must name a saint or saints.

It must be at least 1800 words, but not more than 2000 words.

Email your submission to me no later than March 15, 2009.

jean.heimann at


Jean M. Heimann said...

Hi Jane,

Thanks for posting this. I made a mistake when I sent you this. The word count should be "not more than 2000."

Jane (a.k.a. patjrsmom) said...

Not a problem. I've already fixed it!

God Bless,