Monday, November 03, 2008

Don't Forget to Vote!

In the midst of a very intense election, take a moment to cast your vote for something a little more lighthearted.

Here are the details from a friend of mine who is working at the *polls*:

As a way to teach the kids about elections, we are holding our own election:
M&M vs Peanut M&M
Their slogans are:

M&M -You can't go wrong with chocolate!

Peanut M&M -More is better!

If you would just take a minute to poll your family, and let us know
that would be great. Please put your state and #
of votes for each....only one vote per person please, we wouldn't want
any stuffing of the ballots! This way the kids can keep a tally for
each state, and when all votes are in we will color code our map - red
for M&M and blue for Peanut M&M (don't let the colors change your vote -
we are only talking about candy here people!) We will then assign a
proper # of electoral votes for each state that participates according to
the # of people who vote in each state. Polls close at 6:00pm
tomorrow. Thanks for playing with us everyone, and we will let you know who
wins this important election!

So, go ahead. Tell us your favorites and your family's favorites in the comment box! Don't forget to leave your state's name so the final map is accurate!

Go peanut! (Who said that?)

Sorry, we are totally bipartisan on the Ark for this particular vote and I am not above campaigning outside the polling station.

***Feel free to ask others to participate. The more the merrier. Unless of course, they support plain M & Ms!***


darci said...

and in from Canada..
in Saskatchewan-one for peanut
two for plain, one for ALMOND!! (umm, that's me) and baby will say plain. :)

Anonymous said...

2 peanut
1 plain (sorry, she's only 2!)

We are pulling for peanut here tonight!!!

Amy said...

From Wisconsin we have 4 plain and 2 peanuts. Love to follow the family on the blog!

Anonymous said...

5 votes in this house for plain M&M! State of Illinois.

Go M&M!

Dawn and the boys (Dad will vote separately)

patjrsmom said...

I'm worried about my candidate in this election. I can only hope that life doesn't imitate art (or candy) in real life!


4 peanut
4 plain
and the baby, I am certain, would vote peanut if she could talk...

Anonymous said...

okay, I think I've missed the cut off for voting - but if the kids are interested -
Texas stands at 1 peanut
4 plain
1 abstain for dislike of chocolate - the horror!!


Laura The Crazy Mama said...

AW SHOOT! I missed the big vote!

We had 5 plains (kids)
1 "bleh" (hubs, he's not a candy guy)
1 independant vote for crunchy (that would be me...also I like the new mint crunchies)

This was a great idea! I wish I'd have had a vote like this on my blog, the kids would have loved it!

P.S. Congrats on the baptism! My email addy is laura7550atyahoodotcom if you ever want to share more pics (do you use snapfish or something like that?) I love family pics from friends so add me to your email list if you want! I haven't been commenting much lately because I'm so overwhelmed at how wonderful your family is. I get all choked up and can't think of anything adequate to say.