Friday, March 30, 2007

Birthplace of Coffee

My husband found this very descriptive pictorial on the Trib's website. He called H and I in tonight to view it. As we watched, H's eyes lighted up. This was just like she explained to me last week, as she and B sorted multiple bags of jelly beans by color, the sorting of the coffee beans in Ethiopia. Apparently, this was one of her birthmom's jobs, one which H remembered her doing---and doing very quickly as she demonstrated by her own deft hands flicking the colorful jelly beans into their rightful bowls. So, I wanted to share the story in pictures with everyone and write it down myself so that Baby T will be able to read this story about his birth mom when he gets bigger. Check it out here. (Note: You may have to register to read this article, but it's easy, quick and free to do.)


Julie Cooper said...

Thanks for this link! I am going to show B.J. this tomorrow morning! Both he and Mickey LOVE coffee, and B.J. tells us often that he used to make coffee for his mom when she was sick. We only give B.J. a small amount occasionally, but he'd drink it every day if we let him. Also, there have been several times when Brett and I have wondered where Mickey was only to find out that he was in another room drinking our coffee! (The coffee breath gives it away every time.)

Lizardo said...

I can't help but hear the theme song on repeat:

patjrsmom said...

I believe the refrain is:

I like coffeeeee
and I like it...
I like coffeeeee
and I love it...
coffee coffee coffee coffee

At least that's what the songwriter says.