Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Next Stop Bethlehem

Subtitled: Will I even stop re-running this when she's a teenager?

Next Stop--Bethlehem

Not only does this time of year leave me feeling a bit nostalgic and melancholy for warm family memories, it also leaves me reminiscing around my previous years' Christmas posts, which leaves you, dear friends, the bearers of my jolly finds.

From the Christmas ark-ives...

The vacant nativity scene should have been my first clue...

But sometimes, you just have to see things to believe them...

Could it be? Rather than the traditional long-eared donkey, Joseph high-tailed it into town driving Mary, the animals and the three kings on--dare I say--a big yellow school bus?

And how did the mother from the Fisher-Price family doll house get on board?

Look out, Oliver Stone. You've got nothing on a three-year old left to her imagination.

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Anonymous said...

My FAVORITE ark-ive of all!!! Thanks for posting this again!!!
Merry Christmas!
Hopefully we will be enjoying the egg dish at the same time tomorrow!!!