Monday, November 23, 2009

Five Kernels of Corn and Other Thanksgiving Plans

We're wrapping up school this week for Thanksgiving.  Today will be filled with a combination of our typical studies as well as a few extras tied into our study of Colonial America, which culminates with the study of the Plimouth Plantation.  Make sure to visit their site this week for a great, interactive program on life as a Pilgrim.  After learning about the struggles of the colonists--particularly of the Starving Time-- we're planning to add the tradition of the Five Kernels to our holiday celebration.

In Math, a few fun Thanksgiving word problems (yes, my children, too, think it odd that I refer to word problems as "fun".)  We'll also be planning a Thanksgiving menu for 12 (any arbitrary number will work, but this requires the doubling of most recipes).  The big girls will create their guest lists and select their menus.  Then, using the grocery store circulars--and a budget of $75--we'll see if we can make our planned feast happen or not. 

We've also acquired several favorite DVDs (and one VHS tape) to view between now and Thursday.    From the Inspiring Animated Heroes collection, we'll learn about William Bradford and the character traits of sharing, gratitude and leadership.  From the Dear, America series we'll watch the movie that corresponds with the diary Journey To A New World, which the big girls and I read this month.  And, of course, it goes without saying that we'll watch the classic A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, but did you know that there is a wonderful version of the journey on the Mayflower also starring the Peanuts cast?

Tomorrow, we'll be joining with several other families for a Thanksgiving prayer service and luncheon.

Wednesday is reserved for preparing the house, stringing cranberries, making butter, last minute shopping and a few favorite Thanksgiving stories:

Run, Turkey, Run
Mousekin's Thanksgiving
Cranberry Thanksgiving
Saying Grace

and a final school project using a favorite family book, 'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving.  Each of the children will receive a plain, paper cut-out turkey with the instructions to disguise their bird before he becomes dinner the  next day.  Their clever ideas always make me chuckle. 

Then, finally, on Thanksgiving (which this year is also The Boy's 15th birthday!) we'll rise early to attend Mass and begin the day with a sense of gratitude and thankfulness for all our Lord has done for us. 

Wishing you all a blessed Thanksgiving!


Michelle said...

wishing you the same, my friend! I did not know about the Charlie Brown movie. I added it to our Netflix queue. Thanks!

Our family has made a tradition of the five kernels of corn for many years now. I didn't realize there was also a poem. Thanks for sharing.

Gardenia said...

blessed thanksgiving to your family too. great activities.